Are you looking for some expert accounting advice and support to really help move your venture forward?  Fairground Academy delivers comprehensive content around the four key decisions every social enterprise and business faces throughout its journey:
People, Strategy, Execution and Cash

You will learn an extensive set of tools and methodologies around those four areas, giving you the ability to really grow your venture.

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We offer a complimentary Foundation Workshop, to help distill some of those thoughts to form the foundation of what will become a strategic plan to help guide your venture forward.  What is it you’re good at? What will people pay you to do? What’s your passion?

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People can make or break a venture, understand the difference between Stars and Terrorists and how they impact the venture and put strategies in place to develop the former and move on the later.

Also learn the latest thinking and tools to help build social enterprise structures, key accountabilities and outcomes for each function and job balance scorecards for each role helping to drive employee engagement.


Strategy is all about driving continued top line growth.

Learn the key fundamentals of any compelling strategy. How does the Hedgehog Concept drive all key strategic decisions? How can a compelling Brand Promise out manoeuvre the competition and win more business? How can you use a compelling strategy to drive engagement with current employees and attract the best talent in the industry?


Execution is all about driving industry leading levels to our bottom line.

Learn the 3 disciplines of great execution and how we can use them to drive employee engagement and continuous business improvement.

Understand the difference between leading and lagging indicators and be able to shape our reporting so that 80% are looking forward and 20% are looking back.


Cash is the oxygen of any venture. Without cash there is no options for growing the venture without relying on financial institutions.

Here we look at tools like the Cash Conversion Cycle and how it can help identify areas in the organisation that are sucking cash. Allowing then for priorities to be set to remedy the problem.